I write and produce music at different intersections of concert music, ambient music, world music, and experimental pop. My projects often involve written parts for acoustic instruments.

My musical curiosity has led me on an enormously varied trajectory, from the concert halls of my early 20s as a young composer, the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi, where I studied Indian classical vocal music, to the forests and dance floors of West Coast psychedelic festivals and clubs, where I toured with my electroacoustic project Akara.

Throughout my musical journey, I've been interested in how music can affect consciousness, the way melody can represent an inner journey of awareness. I'm very taken with the way that some music lives on unusual edges of spirituality, like the tantric resonances of Indian classical ragas, or the synesthetic relationship between the Shipibo shaman's icaros and the woven tapestries representing the visions from the plant spirits.

I'm interested in cycles and pulses, the cyclic organizations that underpin dance music, minimalist composers, Indian classical, gamelan. I love the warmth of the acoustic sound of folk and classical musics, and I also love the full spacious and consciousness-altering possibilities of the modern electronic studio. 

Most recently, I have been writing works for chamber ensemble and electronics, as well as co-creating an album of folk/electronic pop.


I've worked with

Festivals: Tanglewood, Symbiosis, Lightning in a Bottle, Sonic Bloom, Beloved, Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency, Mystic Garden, Rootwire, Gratifly
Orchestras: American Composers Orchestra, String Orchestra of New York City, Berkley Symphony, New York Youth Symphony, Reading Symphony, Erie Philharmonic, Holland Orchestra, Symphony of Northwest Arkansas, Ann Arbor Symphony
Singer/Songwriters: Marya Stark, Femke, Kira Kushnirova
Chamber Ensembles:: CreArtBox, Bang on a Can All-Stars, Prism Quartet, Now Ensemble, Pianoduo Post en Mulder, Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, ArrayMusic.
Soloists: Jody Redhage
Vocal Groups: Sangita, Prarie Voices, Foundation for Universal Sacred Music Choir
Films: Deep Down, Caravan of Light, Day In, Day Out

Musical friends

Judd Greenstien, Missy Mazzoli, Nico Muhly, Bluetech, Dirtwire, Kalya Scintilla.